5 Boo Bears To Gift On Thanksgiving - Under $89

Thanksgiving Gifting Ideas

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a major holiday and an amazing excuse to get and give beautiful presents, enjoy delicious food and spend some quality time with your family. However, with the global pandemic, this holiday might look different this year but sending a huggable giant teddy bear directly to your family can make this day memorable for life.

Here we are sharing a list of beautiful and extremely fluffy boo bears to choose from, for your family, friends or special one. You may even gift these to kids, babies, or your boyfriend. So, let’s get started with hope you’ll find the below list useful.

If the person you love the most is feeling depressed lately and not really well. Gifting her this 5ft giant teddy bear can actually cheer her up. The teddy is extremely adorable and is filled with high-quality fluff material to give you as many hugs as you can handle.

Made in the United States, this Boo Bear is around 22x19x15 inches with about 12 pounds of weight. The fabric is super soft and washable. Whether you are searching for a gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other occasion, you can never go wrong with this one. Starting from just $89, it's a super steal.

If your special one has recently recovered from this global virus and you are looking for a meaningful gift to cheer him or her up then Mr. Cuddles is an ideal bear. It is a brown colored bear with a heart in front saying “Love” and can bring back happiness to someone’s life.

You can also customize the text on the heart-sized cushion with any other message like “I love you”, “I am with you always” or “You are the best.” Mr. Cuddles symbolizes love and no one could resist themselves from hugging this 4ft giant teddy bear.

Cannot visit your nephew or niece this Thanksgiving but still want to surprise them with something huge? Well, what would be better than an oversized teddy bear wrapped in cute gift paper and delivered straight to their doorstep. Your nieces or nephews are surely going to love you for this.

This light brown bear is super snuggly and completely safe for kids to play and handle. Its made of huggable and soft polyester material that makes it a high-quality Big Teddy bear. The kids are surely going to jump over again and again on his giant tummy and hug it like always.

A teddy bear that’s as soft as cotton candy. This pink coloured 5ft giant teddy bear is ideal to gift your favorite girl on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It comes with a decent looking red-coloured bow around the neck and the pink color makes it even more attractive to display in your room.

It’s made of super plush material and filled with hypoallergenic material which is completely safe for kids to play the whole day. This Boo Bear is easy to wash and does not require much maintenance. Just wipe the dirt off every 2 weeks and you are good to go.

What? 7ft giant teddy bear? Yes, even bigger than you and the tallest member of your family. The Panda Bear is the companion for life and is surely going to bring a huge smile on the face of the person you are gifting to.

Its huggable material and plush fabric is something you are going to fall in love with. Plus the big black patches around his eyes and nose and super fluffy white coloured tummy is the secret of its cuteness.

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Which giant teddy bear are you planning to purchase? Each of the above list bears are made in the USA and crafted with care for you to cuddle and hug all the time. Pick the best one and surprise your people!