Cheers to Friendship With a Giant Teddy Bear

Friendship with Teddy Bear

All bonds are idiosyncratic and betwixt are our friends who stand like emotional pillars in our lives. They are the partners in crime, they are our ultimate peacemakers. Like every year, once again it is time to raise a toast for your friends and nothing other than a giant teddy bear can beat that. This can be the ideal gift for your best buddy from not one but many points of view. Let's skim down how…

# They won't have Takotsubo under a Teddy presence

The broken heart syndrome or 'takotsubo' breaks everyone's heart and such moments are overcloud in our friend's life too. If you plan on sending them a man-sized boo bear this year then their heartbreaks can be tackled very well. They will get comfortable hugs during such times. And the days when you could not give them the support by your presence, these bears can be a very strong support system.

# You'll make their nights pleasant

Believe it or not but by sending a large teddy bear to the friend this friendship's day, you can give them the perfect night setting for them to sleep well. Their soft giant furs are so adorable that their nights can be wrapped under ultimate snuggles. Nightmares won't scare them anymore. And a little silent talking can free their minds from all the negative thoughts that might disturb them during the day.

# The'll be their happening playthings

Circumstances will change but not their smile. These can be a subtle way of keeping the child-likeness alive in your friends' hearts. Life becomes easy so a little play with jumbo-sized furs of the boo bears is a subtle reminder that everything is temporary and everything's gonna slide so it's wise to always hold on to them and stay sorrows of life and stay calm and content no matter how tough life gets. Give your friend a giant teddy and bring into their lives the playfulness!


# A close look at features - Knowing the reason for sending a bear, you should have a careful analysis of the features of the teddy bear. These should be in accordance with the wants of your friends. Select the one that best reminds them of your presence and stimulates their senses. Color, size, eyes, the material of their furs, and the overall embroidery should give them a holistic feeling of your relationship with them.

# Verify the durability - Since the gift is symbolic of your bond with your soul mate friend, make sure that you select the durable one. It should be a lifetime's presence symbolizing the strength and boundless relationship between you two. Check if the stuffed toy is certified and approved according to the industry guidelines. In case you are ordering online, go to the about section and carefully read about the product's durability.

# Select the "washable" ones - Another important factor to consider while purchasing an oversized teddy bear is to check if it's wash-friendly. A teddy bear should be occasionally washed or gently cleaned to get rid of the dirt. Some local-quality stuffed bears tear off while washing and the fur get rough. To avoid such happenings, make sure it includes a tag of "washable". While washing, make sure you do not use harsh cleaners or hard brushes to clean than the soft baby. Be gentle, use normal water (not too cold, not too hot) and a gentle toothbrush to clean the dirt.

# Consider the room decor of your friend - Your bear toy should not be a misfit for your buddy's room decor. This can put them off so, vision its place before selecting.


A giant teddy bear can be the best way to celebrate out of the rest. These are symbolic of your timeless memories and can be a complete therapy for them on days when you won't be able to make it up. Certainly, worth raising the friendship's toast with!