The Endless Love By Giant Teddy Bear! How Did It All Start?

Giant teddy Bear

Are you crazy about soft toys and in particular the boo bears? Does the very thought of a life without its presence seem to be incomplete? Well, those who have had the advantage of growing under the company of a teddy bear can relate to how its presence has been the blanket of comfort, safety, and development. If you have been an intense fan of spending life with a giant teddy bear then in this article, we will give you some interesting factual display of how and when did it all start??? What is it that these large bears have scientifically become the symbols of love and care? So, let's begin the excavation…

They had an anecdotal birth…

If you think it all started with a gesture or realization of love, then you're mistaken. Their presence in the world of humans was accidental and there's an interesting anecdote behind it. It was the 14th of November while the 26th president of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt was on his hunting trip near Mississippi, at a place called Onward. The invitation to this trip was extended by the governor of the Mississippi, Andrew H. Longino, and many other hunters were invited. As the others began to hunt the bears, Theodore was unable to spot even one and as a result, a large-sized black bear was tied against the trunk of a willow tree by the cavalryman- Holt Collier and other assistants of Theodore. But the then president refused to shoot the bear as an honor to the trip and under the vision of this being a very unjust way of proving the sportsmanship. This event became famous and various newspapers covered it from different angles. Similarly in one of the illustrations was created by the cartoonist, Clifford Berryman and was published on 16th November 1902. This image has undertones of the tiff that was ongoing regarding the Mississippi line during those days.

Now, this cartoon illustration was observed by a candy shop owner, Morris Michtom, and he got an idea of creating a stuffed toy bear and dedicating it to president Roosevelt and named it the 'Teddy's Bear'. Seeking the permission of Theodore to use his name for this stuffed bear toy, Michtom created many bears under this term and became a famous Teddy Bear merchant and soon found the 'Ideal Toy Company'!

This is how teddy bears evolve as soft toys! A hunting trip tale by Theodore Roosevelt! We're sure that fascinated you !!

The 20th Century Playthings to 21st milieu's Psychological healers...

After this, it was in the mid-era of the 20th century that the teddy bears assumed the role of merely playing toys, majorly for toddlers and children as being safe due to their softness! But, as time passed and life started getting complex in the vicinity of the war effects and the fast paced, materialistic, and competitive world, people ranging from all ages started to find love and emotional therapy through Teddy Bears, another major reason for this was their growing size and better quality. There is something about the Giant teddy bears. These tend to be an amazing replacement for humans possessing a positive aura and big smiles and that is why these have now become more famous as the emotional healers for adults and oldies. It has been scientifically proven by psychologists that a human-sized bear can be the ultimate source of getting depressed people back to normal. Their ability to listen silently and not make the person feel alone has healed many.

Not just that, it has also been said that they play an important role in developing the right psychology and emotional balance within a child.


So, now you know why the giant teddy bear is a symbol of the best love giver for humans! They are the outstanding therapist during the dark days, a perfect night's ease to hit a sound sleep!