All About Giant Teddy Bears: The Key To Joy And Affection

Big Teddy bear

The rise of teddy bears came from the former president of the U.S.A., Theodore Roosevelt in the early 20th century while he refused to shoot a bear during his hunting trip to Mississippi. The gesture of the president made this incident famous throughout the country and he was given a bear cub as a souvenir by his host during this trip. It was due to this anecdote that Theodore Roosevelt also came to be known as "Teddy". The further cartoonization of this incident to highlight the Mississippi river conflict made the bears a symbol of amity and accord. This was then created into a stuffed toy by the wife of Morris Mitchum, an entrepreneur who took permission from the president to call it a teddy bear. He hang this on the display of his shop and it spread like a wildfire. Ever since then teddy bears have made a definite bond with humans.

Today, the role of teddy bear to a giant teddy bear is not just restricted to finer design fiber and size but also to their deeply penetrating therapy for humans to keep their mental health intact. If you were unaware of all this till now, here is what you should know to understand how beautiful it is to have a jumbo boo bear around.

They add positive ambiance

Each one of us goes through bouts of pessimism. Based on the research experimentation, it has been found that a big teddy bear helps us to feel positive even when we are clouded by low moments and feelings of insecurities. It is because one can vent out any emotion without worrying about the consequences. It's important to do away with the negativity within us and that can happen only if we talk our heart out to someone without getting complaints and judgments. The teddy absorbs all our sorrows in his gargantuan furs and the very next moment his long tight huggable arms give us the compassion and emotional support we direly need.

You get the world's best sleep with them

Sleeping with a giant teddy bear is the best thing ever that we could do to ourselves, especially the ones who are living alone. The huge-sized soft furs of these bears are so comforting that nothing can beat the sleeping ambiance and convenience better than having them by your side. A little introspective talk just before closing our eyes makes us feels so much emotionally and mentally light and to top, it is the coziest hug that these can comfort you with. Children who are scared during the middle of the night find these bears perfect support to overcome their anxiety and fears attached to the darkness. Just imagine yourself throwing upon the softest furs of a king-sized bear after a long tiring day and getting unconditional hugs and coziness. It gives you the best sleep which helps you prepare for the coming day happier and stronger.

Increases our interactive abilities

Man is a social animal and cannot live without interaction. Maintaining meaningful personal relationships is an integral part of every human being. Be it the workplace or any other personal gathering, if we are unable to interact in the right direction then we fail to build relationships by-rights. This can get us stuck with meekness making our life dull and unrewarding. But regular talking with a man-sized teddy enhances our speaking abilities. It's like a nice practice session before we get into the field. This has an indirect effect on us getting attacked by insecurities because when we interact well with people around us, we feel confident and proud within, and this way there is no scope for insecurities to enter our psyche and kill our character.

So, open up your arms for a life size teddy bear now from, because it is never too late to seek a newer world.